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Greener Perspective

Every Action Counts. Your Website Can Too.

The Internet Pollutes

From sending e-mails alone , the average working professional produces 135 kg of CO2e (carbon footprint unit) each year.
This is equivalent to driving from Ottawa to Toronto!

Data Centre Dependency

Data centres run 24/7. They support streaming activities, e-commerce, data storage and messaging. This consumes enormous amounts of energy, and requires additional energy to prevent overheating.

Data Centres Worldwide

Contributing to 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Comparable to the global airline industry.

TimLey Hosts your Website on Eco-Friendly Servers

TimLey strives to be eco-conscious in all their actions. This is why we host our websites through GreenGeeks.  Together, we reinvest wind-powered energy, equivalent to 3 times the amount of energy consumed by our websites, into our data centres. 

Our Team

Haley is an associate. Fighting for climate


Climate change impacts us all and can seem overwhelming at times. Developing greener websites is a fun way for me to spread the word about simple steps we can all take to make a difference.

Tim is an associate. He designs affordable web solution for SMEs


Visibility and e-commerce should not be reserved for multinationals.
Thanks to TimLey I can use my engineering knowledge for the benefit of SMEs, associations or craftsmen.

Our Services

Strengthening Your Online Presence

A Design that fits your Story

Inspired by your mission, we take the time to determine the message you want to convey. Our unique design gives your story an unrivalled voice.

Website Development

Beyond website design, we'll address your unique needs. Our custom functionalities improve customer- relations and strengthen user-experience.

All Included Maintenance

We provide a worry-free experience. With our year-round maintenance plan you don't need to worry about bugs & updates.
We've got you covered.

Propelling Your Visibility

A great website isn't the whole story. Search engine visibility is key. We adopt strict rules to boost your SEO ranking to improve audience connection.


Online sales can raise your revenue. With our e-commerce platform you can advertise & sell products, collect payments online, and reach new clients.

Eco-Friendly Hosting

The internet should be greener. Committed to sustainable hosting, your website will receive a 300% green seal and inspire change for the environment.

Features In Action

At TimLey we offer various personalized functionalities to ensure your websites accomplishes everything you desire. Find our demos below to see what could be adapted for your website.



Book and manage clients at desired intervals for specific services.



Switch from manual reservations, to elegant and simple online version.



Sell products online, track sales & make the customer experience easy.

Our Previous Projects

Discover past websites we are proud to have created

The Ottawa Women's Canadian Club

“After only a brief consultation, TimLey understood exactly what we needed to help our Club adapt in a changing world… Our website is now the backbone of our Club and we are proud to refer visitors to it…” OWCC President


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